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Our slogan – MENTAL POWER – STRONGER TOGETHER – puts into perspective all we aim to do.
Aliede was brought to life thanks to our specialists cooperation with pilots, when we developed support program PPSP for mental health, that meets the requirements of the international aviation directives and takes into account the specifiks of both - bigger and smaller – companies. Estonia is a small country and Aliede considers as one of our strenghts to give as good quality as big companys get also to micro enterprises that is also affordible. Today we offer „from colleague to colleague“ program also in other and as always, considering the specifics of each company, every program is like tailoring.
We also offer different seminars on mental health and for the companies that has contract with us, also psychological and crisis counseling and different consultations, e.g conflict resolution or improving emergency plans. Full portfolio of our services is in Estonian and partly in English and Russian.