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Ethical Principles

When offering the service, Aliede is guided by quality assurance at every level. This means fulfilling the obligations of the contract through specialists in the Aliede team, who have good professional knowledge, who have been experts in their field for at least five years, and who work in accordance with common ethical principles:

* Respect for the Constitution of the Republic of Estonia.
* Respect for each person's personality - an open-minded, empathetic and respectful attitude towards all people, regardless of their origin, health, education, age, gender and gender orientation, nationality and race, religion, party affiliation, wealth, position in society, etc.
* Responsibility for having professionally required qualification and regularly updating it to maintain the competence and take into account the specifics of the clients.
* Acting constructively and solution-oriented in case of disagreement and avoiding additional damage through one's actions or omissions.
* Ensuring the confidentiality agreed upon by the client, arranging additional assistance if necessary.
* Ensuring personal psychological hygiene and regular self-improvement to maintain qualifications, both professionally and to understand the clients' field of work.
* Formulating professional assessment in a concrete and comprehensible way, doing it in a way that does not harm the client.
* When speaking publicly as an Aliede specialist, speech must be based on a specific agreement, must respect confidentiality requirements and must give an understanding of the role of the speaker.