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Pilot peer support program

Aliede offers cooperation considering each aviation enterprises’ needs and abilities, but always taking into account requirements of international directives and aviation psychology research. For that there are two possibilities for cooperation. With every contract we discuss all the details that are important for specific aviation enterprise, also about additional services starting from possibilities of psychological assesment.

  • Implementing PPSP (Pilot Peer Support Program) by giving mental health training for selected employees (pilots), it also automatically gives access to needs-based professional counselling. This fits for a company that has more than ten pilots.
  • Implementing PSP (Pilot Support Program) without specific mental health training for employees, it gives access to professional counselling. This fits for companies with less than ten pilots.

On March 24th 2015 was Germanwings (subsidiary of Lufthansa) international flight nr 9525 with Airbus A320-200 going from Barcelona to Dusseldorf. Plane fell down in the French Alps, 100 km from Nice, all 144 passengers and six of the flight crew died. It turned out that the plane was intentionally crashed by a copilot that had mental health issues. This was a suicide that was extraordinary and had great losses. If there is even a slight chance to prevent something like that, it should be done, because nothing like that should happen ever again. This was the first accident with victims in Germanwings history and after the investigation of the incident it changed the whole international aviation community safety requirements. PPSP is part of it. Aviation and medicine are two work areas that have the highest risks, where the responsibility of every employee ensures the security of the whole process or in case of mistakes they jeopardize it in seconds. Aviation is this work area that has made it a priority to talk about mistakes without fear. To learn from mistakes it has to be without blaming someone if they didn't do it intending to harm. Otherwise mistakes could be repeated. Considering this, both PPSP and PSP are programs that help to further enhance aviation security through the priority of confidentiality. Aliede contributes to those programs by regularly working through new relevant research so that our partners would have access to resent aviation psychology.

If interested in cooperation, send us an e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Aliede Tunnustus 2021

Estonian Transport Administration gave in February 2021 to Aliede Ltd approval and recognition for our PPSP program.
Program was evaluated by two aviation inspectors and their head doctor. We are the only ones they have given the recognition.